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WCCO  “Viewers Voted Minnesota’s Best Chili ” Click here for more


Dinner’s Choice Award

“Best Bar”

“Best Burger and Fries”

1st Annual Chili Bowl “Two Alarm”

City Pages:

“Best Chili”

“Best Bar”

Star Tribune: 
“First Annual Blue Ribbon Ribs as featured at the Pickled Parrot”

Voted 100 Best Bars in America

“The Loon Cafe is a sane saloon.”   A pretty, unadorned drinking and eating establishment for the Twin Cities up and coming.” —Esquire

“Soul Asylum’s local eating and drinking hangout.” –Rolling Stone

Voted one of America’s Best Singles Bars

“Office workers, docs, lawyers, art folks, visiting celebs, ladies openly on the move.” –Playboy

“Minnesota is famous for its wild rice, an ingredient that has shown off splendidly in the thick and hearty Wild Rice Soup served at The Loon Cafe.” –Bon Appetit

“The salsa served at the Loon Cafe is terriffic!” –Star Tribune

“Signs hanging at the Loon Cafe take a political swipe at the governor and his sometimes far fetched ideas to stimulate economic growth” –LA Times

“One of the 200 best drinking establishments in the USA” –Gallery Magazine

“If there was a big game at the Metrodome, it’s a safe bet that a lot of fans will end up at the Loon Cafe afterwards.”  –Mpls/St.Paul Magazine

“The Loon Cafe in Minneapolis’s Warehouse District, a downtown neighborhood strong on food, drink, and music”  –The Traveler

Chicago Bears QB Jim McMahon called the chili at the Loon Cafe “The Chili of Champions”. –Newsweek

“Baseball spoken here” is the motto of the Loon Cafe in Minneapolis’s warehouse district. –The New York Times

“Favorite hangouts of musicians, jocks, journalists, wallstreet types, lawyers, yuppies – The Loon Cafe.” –Cosmopolitan

Featured In:

    • Sports Illustrated
    • SKI
    • New York Times
    • Playboy
    • National Geographic
    • Newsweek
    • Bon Appetit
    • Esquire
    • Cosmo
    • USA Today
    • Traveler
    • Mpls/St.Paul Magazine
    • City Pages
    • Reader
    • Star Tribune
    • LA Times
    • Gallery Magazine